Dated event hashtags are so passé

Dated event hashtags are so passé

Our Socially Connected World

HashtagHashtags are the lifeblood of conversation around your exhibition or conference, so it’s important to choose the right one. Just like a Goldilocks social media breakfast, it shouldn’t be too long, too obscure or too tricky to spell.

But what about timely? If you want your hashtags to live on in post-show engagement and discussion, it’s best to steer clear of dates, for example #yourevent13. And by choosing a hashtag with year-round appeal and relevancy, you don’t need to coach the community on using your #2014 tag – it’s already embedded in the conversation.

Also consider how you use your brand within your hashtag – or whether you leave it out altogether. A good hashtag is often one which is absorbed into the community and used in discussions not directly related to your event, but around the show’s topics or focus area.

We’ve seen this around #Ecobuild which is being…

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Do we love or hate BYOD?

20:20 MSL

There is new technology, new app getting introduced to us every day and it indeed is a pleasure to be using all this for both, work and personal purposes on a single interface.  Remote access to your company data on your own device at your company’s expense – attractive! Isn’t it? Imagine the wonders your device can fashion when you are stuck in traffic! Good for us employees, but the trend must be bringing some inconvenience to the companies. This trend is not going to slow down, it’s here to stay! What (or why?) do we all talk about this concept – increased productivity, less expenditure, 24×7 availability, and familiarity with the device, data security, and etcetera. Let usput the widely spoken security issues aside and see how the concept has changed the way employees work.


The privilege of working on one’s own device has increased the levels of…

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Time is money so is content.

Enough has been said already this year in the social media and digital marketing trends for 2014 on the importance of creating quality content. However there is no evaluation method to monitor whether each company is generating the necessary content with every opportunity that they have in hand. But they do understand the importance of timely action ( like writing press releases, infographic, white papers, blog posts etc)

A proper evaluation method (Content marketing organization chart) is required to ensure that you do not miss out any opportunity that are available to engage your customers. I have not found anything worthwhile on the web yet that gives a road map for content creation for a product or a service oriented company? A lot of times due to lack of timely action, you completely miss out the opportunity to engage your customers.

Most importantly, are you building content archives and open forums for digital marketers and bloggers feedback and reviews? Here’s top reasons to send press release which is an indicator if you are missing out generating content at the right time.

I found an interesting article that talks about If something is interesting, it’s newsworthy. Pitch it. Refer this link so I don’t need to go in detail with it.There is a huge crisis for quality content writers and I have noticed some forums encouraging content writing but a lot needs to be done.

Content Creation / Curation —-> Distribution /Social Media——-> Build Engagement platforms/Archives ——> Reviews/Feedback process

What can Infosys learn from Wipro, and what can Wipro learn from IBM and IBM from Accenture. I have been watching them closely on social media channels and here’s some useful links and you can judge for yourself why I make the above statement. ***Creating engaging social platforms has been a key indicator as to where and how they are heading in the market.

Wirpo Bigdata platform link –

Accenture Interactive forum –

IBM’s cloud page –

Infosys Cloud page –

Content curation will continue to be the main focus this year.Image

Happy reading…

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The social media roadmap for investor relations has been updated

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The 3 Elements of Effective Brand Stories

Beyond PR

Stories have a way of sticking with us.  They’re enjoyable, relatable, and understandable – and these qualities ultimately make them memorable.  The context of the story provides linkages and framework that connects information, enabling us to recall a full set of information that we’d be probably be unable to memorize by rote.

For these reasons, storytelling can be an immensely effective communications tool for brands.  To be effective, though, stories need to be enjoyable, relatable and understandable.   In fact, these three components are the keys to developing an effective brand story.

Enjoyable:  If the message doesn’t provide some sort of enjoyment to the person reading (or viewing or listening to) it, it won’t be effective.  However, enjoyment can take many forms.  Stories that touch, teach, empower and inform can all be enjoyable.  A good test for enjoyment is a positive answer to the questions “Am I glad I read…

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Emerging Digital Media

Naiks, Gowda’s, Reddy’s, Mukerjee’s or Nair’s, Rao’s, Hirani’s, Iyers

whoever you are, like how these surnames cover the major India communities there are similarly emerging technology (Cloud, Big-data, CRM) and emerging media terms (SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO) which you have to get familiar with to get into digital space.

You can try and get a digital manager on-board who can experiment at your cost or hire a digital marketing advisor who has already learned what works for you. Having said that, it is tricky to choose the right digital marketing advisor in the market.

I learned recently ‘best practices’ does not always work with emerging digital media to a large extent. So if your digital marketing advisor can ensure your smallest content promotion is successful and can relate to your business requirement and showcase relevant case studies you can give them a chance.Image

I suggest 2 step process

1) Website development, search engine marketing, blogs and search engine optimisation, strategic web placement services like ad words and Press releases.

2) Social Media activity (Youtube, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc). I strongly recommend not to outsource social media activity. A social media advisor should be able to propose strategies if you can work-out with him/her why are you getting into social media and what are your goals and objectives…

Then choose which of these multichannel network would you need to get into. If you do relate to my blog and require secondary plan please contact me.

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Biggboss Kannada – Content marketing strategy

ಜುಲೈ 1, 2013 3 comments

Bigg_Boss_Kannada1Seriously I don’t have any interest to watch reality shows. Reality show and I are miles apart. Like any other inferior sex I had no option than to sit and watch the As I started to watch I observed standing outside the ring why it was getting such popularity.

I thought about writing a quick blog after years, this in itself shows I found something good enough here to blog.

I can be a critic talk about characters silly, stupid or vulgar behaviour on the show but I am not going to do that. Instead I am going to highlight the master mind content strategy behind the show.

1) Did you realise this whole show is perfectly edited to show you what story they want to tell the audience. We see what is shown that has happened in 12 to 15 hours in couple of hours?

2) Identify – Each of the contestants left behind were those characters who I suppose viewers could relate more  with themselves. I remember reading there are 7 per 1000 is a paranoid schizophrenic around us and we don’t realise.  I will leave it you to decide why this is one of the best reason for the success of show.

3) Voting – Isn’t this what content marketing should be doing? engaging your audience. The moment you vote you want to make sure you are correct and made a right choice. Sticky content!!!

4) @KicchaSudeep – is a very important part of the show. Apart from his popularity and good looks, his main role is to not just resolve the internal fights but HE IS THE VOICE OF every viewer.  He resonates customer thoughts and voices their opinion and engages and indulges them.

5) Kannada – one of the contestants did not know the language. This was very well utilized in  many episodes to inspire the Kannada Devotees by teaching her the language and also promoting the same. Similar was the reason to get Swamiji on board. He was also a great contestants.

Welcome to suggest your views


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