LinkedIn Strategy

Like most marketers even I began sceptical where it would take me marketing on social media. We felt tough in the beginning as there weren’t many marketing IT or BPO services on social media.

I pushed myself to take a chance and started with only LinkedIn. I felt it was the right platform and started getting good vibes right from the beginning. I partnered with an assistant and put down draft on what is unique about us and why we should be given an opportunity among several IT service companies.

We first began to join relevant groups and participated in discussions on #in. I followed interesting people in the group to build relations. Many group members followed us back on Linkedin and Twitter. We created separate ‘Lists’ on twitter for all my Linkedin connections. Many subscribed to our lists which was an indication they started recognizing us. This spark made us send out invitations to many more and hence researched and found a way to connect. Its a open secret you can send invitation to group members unless they change the group settings to connect with you on LinkedIn. My colleague send out request first to each and every travel group. After they accept invitation we send out individually “IT & BPO services to offer draft” that was finalized. We cannot send message unless they are in your connection. Believe me most of these requests got response and I reached over 800 connections within a month time. Unlike twitter you would not have many drop outs /unfollow you so it is worth spending time on this method. Now I get periodic B2B queries, clients looking for IT service companies.

We had only joined travel groups and IT related groups which is our scope area this helps us create a niche in the online travel space. You can also use this strategy but ensure you chose relevant groups and pick business and IT heads to join you. You not only build community you also get popular soon. We now are expanding ourselves using twitter and Facebook. Also continue to actively participate on LinkedIn we now have our own group.

I hope this info helps another business development manager or social media manager.
If you need strategies on FB and twitter drop me a mail.


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