Train Twitter Agents

Are you wondering how to train the staff to tweet in your absence?

Let me start with the way I learned to keep my twitter marketing rolling even in my absence and also will share tips to improve productivity of your twitter reps.

Assign below tasks in the order

1) Build key words searches list to reach out to more tweeps – there are many key words probably you wouldn’t know in the beginning that helps you market your product/service so building your key words list is ongoing process. I found we were missing to use “tours” for a long time although my target customer were all segments of travel.

2) Schedule tweets at different time zone using Hootsuite or tweet deck – you can ask the team to scheduling the right tweets at right time zone to reach all destinations.

3) Search at regular intervals for anybody looking for the product your selling – we have started using along with twitter search to find any customer have tweeted saying they are looking out for our products.

4) Write to all probable prospective clients found on twitter personally(go to contact us page of website and inform them that you stumbled on twitter and thought you can help them). * write to me I’ll share the draft for which I’ve been getting great response since it is customized and does not look like a spam**

I presume by now you know that by saving your searches and tweeting with right key word combination regularly on Twitter you will spread out yourselves prominently in your domain. Every time you are back online, all you have to do is check out the searches saved.  Most importantly tweet with hash tags the key word  frequently and at different time zones (Ex – #ITSM, #online #bizchat #constantcontact, #travel tours etc)so you prevail and show up for those search results.

You never know who is looking out for your product and service. So by having all good search hash tags saved and regularly tweeting around those key words, you will probably get you that phone call / inquiry you are waiting for…..

A list of searches that I tried resulted with many competitors and prospective clients on digg, wordpress, twitter.

I strongly recommend to use advance search option on twitter where you can choose multiple option for searches. In order to find similar kind of people and create niche of your interest the advance search is a must.

Lately there has been many daily news letters, just search for “Travel daily news is out” on twitter! You’ll see and so many websites with same format. I once got a tweet stating today’s daily news is out and I appear in headlines! That’s how I came to know about news letter strategy.

twitter train agents

Let me know what else would you train your twitter agents with..

Shashank Hosahally

Follow me on twitter -@shashankhosa

PS Read my Lists on twitter post for more info on effectively using searches and lists on twitter).

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