Twitter Strategy

After the LinkedIn strategy post which by far is the highest traffic puller. I’m going to share my experiences to find leads on twitter.


1) Build your target audience – For example my interest area is Travel so I have connected searching for travelers, OTA, hotel chains etc. Focus on those who may be in need of your product/services. My product prime customers would be online hotel owners willing to expand their business. I know for a fact that out of many hotel sites who are selling tours, hotels the ones on Twitter are active and not out of business. That rules out that my team would not waste time on dried up sites.

2) Networking – Call for interview/coffee at your local. Record and publish those interviews on your blogs. Participation is very important. We search with key words / hash tags #hotel #discount etc to capture all hotels site that are active on twitter and get them follow back. Use # Tags to search on Twitter that will keep you updated on key terms that are vital in your industry. A great tool to do this quickly is

RT their tweets and also promote their business thus also building trust with those likely do business with you.

3) Showcase your product/service – for example if you got a resort near a wild life sanctuary regularly update pictures and stories of wild animal spotted.

In order to effectively market make a collective effort of using all social media sites. Link up on facebook, blogs, DIGG, Pinterest etc.

4) Personal branding – What you do on twitter i.e sharing useful information that is in relation with your About sections, reciprocating, not over doing etc will be key for success for yourself.

Quality of content is and will always be the key for driving traffic and branding of your services.

Tip1 : build niche of common interest area by following users of exactly same kind.#smm

Tip2 : to follow right clients use advance search and search for tweets with min 2 keywords you chose must be used. #Research.

Tip 3 : know your surrounding well after following right people. Spend time to understand your twitter friends.
Tip 4 : indulge in biz chat and RT and Reply for quotes and open questions respectively. Share good content is a must.
Hope this information is helpful.

Shashank Hosahally
Twitter – @shashankhosa

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    Hurrah I made it to technology news.

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