Welcome to my page my world.

In 2010

I’m so blessed to find great books to read, it all started in July’10 with Eckhart Tolle spiritual books. So far I have read 11 books revolving around similar concept  (mind, conscious, thoughts, faith, believe). It has given me abundant spiritual strength and positive energy, that I can write about little I know(self realization, creativity and expression) . This was very difficult just few months back.

I have started just few months back to seriously blog and it has been a dream start.

I write about my professional and personal life experiences in my blog. Basically re inspiring truth belief faith & sharing positives to world.

In 2013 I finally found my guru or is it otherway around. They say the Guru will find you when you are longing to discover the truth.

I do not have much words to express what happened after Sadhguru came into my life. I feel there is puncture somewhere a small hole for my soul to breadth. All I need is little space and sit and I am ecstatic.

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