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Biggboss Kannada – Content marketing strategy

ಜುಲೈ 1, 2013 3 comments

Bigg_Boss_Kannada1Seriously I don’t have any interest to watch reality shows. Reality show and I are miles apart. Like any other inferior sex I had no option than to sit and watch the As I started to watch I observed standing outside the ring why it was getting such popularity.

I thought about writing a quick blog after years, this in itself shows I found something good enough here to blog.

I can be a critic talk about characters silly, stupid or vulgar behaviour on the show but I am not going to do that. Instead I am going to highlight the master mind content strategy behind the show.

1) Did you realise this whole show is perfectly edited to show you what story they want to tell the audience. We see what is shown that has happened in 12 to 15 hours in couple of hours?

2) Identify – Each of the contestants left behind were those characters who I suppose viewers could relate more  with themselves. I remember reading there are 7 per 1000 is a paranoid schizophrenic around us and we don’t realise.  I will leave it you to decide why this is one of the best reason for the success of show.

3) Voting – Isn’t this what content marketing should be doing? engaging your audience. The moment you vote you want to make sure you are correct and made a right choice. Sticky content!!!

4) @KicchaSudeep – is a very important part of the show. Apart from his popularity and good looks, his main role is to not just resolve the internal fights but HE IS THE VOICE OF every viewer.  He resonates customer thoughts and voices their opinion and engages and indulges them.

5) Kannada – one of the contestants did not know the language. This was very well utilized in  many episodes to inspire the Kannada Devotees by teaching her the language and also promoting the same. Similar was the reason to get Swamiji on board. He was also a great contestants.

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