Starting Bangalore Follow Friday!

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We are beginning the Bangalore follow friday to connect with Bangalore tweeps. We also plan to have other cities “follow Friday” in coming days. The idea of BLR (Bangalore – 3 letter airport code) ff stands for follow friday. The hash tag #BLRFF formation is to bring our friends friends linked on twitter and can help each other RT and spread news .

You can be sure there would be twitter chat shows hosted on Friday’s after forming a strong community.

Some of the initial minds starting the Bangalore FOLLOW FRIDAY are

@puneetsays – Puneet Jain

@desiibond – Amarendra Bandla

@sathutweety – Sathyanarayanan

@kumarsinha – Pritam


We look forward your participation.

Let me know if you need any assistance.




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Kabini my home

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It was only for few months that I had a new home in a resort, right next to Nagarhole national park. Looking back I’m happy I got the opportunity to explore wildlife every single day at Kabini.

Kapila river

Kabini River

I could not have got such an opportunity if I hadn’t believed in power of subconscious mind and manifesting life.  I am ever grateful for having faith in me to set up Home-Stay resort . It was undoubtedly challenging and demanding job. It was new to me, I had never worked in hospitality industry before.

I went out to explore the nature, got out of my comfort zone, this helped me immensely in shaping up myself.

In overall, I am humbled that I got to learn and explore the flora and fauna of western ghats in India. Within this short duration, I met lot of interesting guests and had experiences of a life time. I can speak for volumes about the local community, the nature, wilderness, birds, my two Labrador retriever puppies, the staff, traveling to local places, all in all memories to cherish for rest of my life.

I now believe abundance in life. You get abundant love, happiness, respect when we open your arms and accept life without resistance.

I have some pics on my flickr account .

It is after 2 years I went to back to Kabini and want to circle back to this post. Nothing had changed there  but I on the other hand was a totally different person! I met all those who worked for me in 2 day trip.  I amazingly looked at the same place with a lot more clarity which wasn’t visible then. Peace  closeupSerpentEagle e2 Elephant fullframe_WD geecji handiPeacock S2 Sambar Serpent Eagle svwd v_serpent_eagle view vv_wd WD2 wildog+kabini.

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A Trip to Sri Lanka

ಮೇ 30, 2011 2 comments

An unexpected trip to Sri Lanka but nevertheless it was worth the visit. We planned for 3 days tour around Sri Lanka and stay in Colombo city over the weekend for obvious reasons.

The plan is to take a flight from Chennai to Colombo instead of flying out from Bangalore International airport because the fair is almost double from BLR TO COL than MDD to CMB. (6,000/INR for a round trip).

3 day trip was from Colombo to Habarana (elephant destination – National Park)  to epic Sigiriya cave to Kandy mountains in central province and finally back to Colombo for beautiful scenic Mt. Lavinia Hotel .  We stayed at the Chaaya Village properties at Habarana (Cottage) and also in Kandy.

I remember the most is the amount of elephants that we were able to spot at the National park safari and elephant rides. One of the male elephant gave our jeep a chase to shove us off to clear the infant and mother crossing the road. From Habarana to Sigiriya along the way you will find nice crafts shops, Buddhist temples and Kandy hills.



Kandy is last capital of ancient kings and lies in the midst of hills in central province of Srilanka. The women here are very beautiful and wear Kandy saree shown below .

Saree type

women wearing Kandy Saree

It’s not advisable to take a 3 day trip with just one day in each destination instead take a 3-4 days stay in each property to relax and enjoy the stay thoroughly.

We stopped at the Spice garden for variety of spice plants that is grown in Srilanka like clove, Aloe Vera, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Hirassa, Nutmeg, Rubber, Pineapple and many other herbs. We also stopped at many of the Gems factories that show how to extract and identify minerals of different kinds like Sapphires, emeralds, rubies, topaz, garnets and diamonds.


Srilanka Masks for Prosperity, Good luck etc

Our final destination was back in Colombo at the famous Mt Lavinia Hotel. This property is right behind ocean which has private beach and you will get an unforgettable view of sunset and clean water beach. It is one of the best British colonial heritage hotel (Governors). It is also known for weddings for the beautiful locations it has for photographs of bride and groom.

Last but not least of my trip is the galle road and Colombo city for which you should only be there to experience yourself. After the civil war b/w LTTE and Srilanka army which lasted for 30 years there is still a lot of army men guarding the Colombo roads. The country is sure to improve in leaps and bounds in coming years.

Twin Towers in Galle Road Colombo

Twin Towers in Galle Road Colombo

With the Srilanka rupee value so low it is perfect weekend getaway to visit Colombo.


Books for stressfree life

Take few minutes to read, you might benefit from this post.

I am at the very beginning stage of exploring spiritual benefits. If you have a slightest feeling that you are avoiding below listed negative thoughts, then stop to learn a way to deal with them.

  • Anxiety of waiting, may be anything for bus or a phone call!
  • Apprehension
  • Fear to lose someone close/job
  • Stress at work
  • Fear of rejection
  • Procrastination

There are many more that could be haunting you! but I believe it is these, that are predominant in our generation.

This is my an attempt to help anybody unable to cope up with the situation.

We fail to seek help in our daily hectic lives so its best to invest on books.You can pick up spiritual books even though at this point you aren’t sure if its going to help your or not? Like many things in life until we experience we hardly know the depth of it. There are several different ways we handle a stress, anxiety and fear situation but spiritualism gives totally different approach and dimension to deal with the problems.

There are many Authors you can choose to read for the financial problems( inflation ) ,  job insecurity or marital problems etc.

Most of the books do talk about surrendering yourSELF to situation and embrace it, without showing resistance. Not surrender to the problem but to accept the fact that you are in troubled situation. Then onwards your mind will immediately start thinking towards improving and not cause any more disturbance.

By being completely in present i.e. Live Life NOW there is less stress for at least that hour or minute you are focusing your thoughts however controlling manipulative mind is not a easy task, as mind’s always been controlling most of us . If you practice, it is possible to control thoughts that come in to our mind. Please try to watch your anger, frustration there would be particular pattern to which we are prone carefully watching your mind thoughts and being aware of your mind talks half the battle will be won.

I have tried to explain about my spiritual experience ! I will constantly improvise my posts so visit back …this is my first version published with a lot of time constraints. I am also a reluctant writer but I have got the patience and mind to write only to SHARE to world what ever little I have learned in my own way.

Shashank Hosahally


Twitter Strategy

After the LinkedIn strategy post which by far is the highest traffic puller. I’m going to share my experiences to find leads on twitter.


1) Build your target audience – For example my interest area is Travel so I have connected searching for travelers, OTA, hotel chains etc. Focus on those who may be in need of your product/services. My product prime customers would be online hotel owners willing to expand their business. I know for a fact that out of many hotel sites who are selling tours, hotels the ones on Twitter are active and not out of business. That rules out that my team would not waste time on dried up sites.

2) Networking – Call for interview/coffee at your local. Record and publish those interviews on your blogs. Participation is very important. We search with key words / hash tags #hotel #discount etc to capture all hotels site that are active on twitter and get them follow back. Use # Tags to search on Twitter that will keep you updated on key terms that are vital in your industry. A great tool to do this quickly is

RT their tweets and also promote their business thus also building trust with those likely do business with you.

3) Showcase your product/service – for example if you got a resort near a wild life sanctuary regularly update pictures and stories of wild animal spotted.

In order to effectively market make a collective effort of using all social media sites. Link up on facebook, blogs, DIGG, Pinterest etc.

4) Personal branding – What you do on twitter i.e sharing useful information that is in relation with your About sections, reciprocating, not over doing etc will be key for success for yourself.

Quality of content is and will always be the key for driving traffic and branding of your services.

Tip1 : build niche of common interest area by following users of exactly same kind.#smm

Tip2 : to follow right clients use advance search and search for tweets with min 2 keywords you chose must be used. #Research.

Tip 3 : know your surrounding well after following right people. Spend time to understand your twitter friends.
Tip 4 : indulge in biz chat and RT and Reply for quotes and open questions respectively. Share good content is a must.
Hope this information is helpful.

Shashank Hosahally
Twitter – @shashankhosa

Train Twitter Agents

Are you wondering how to train the staff to tweet in your absence?

Let me start with the way I learned to keep my twitter marketing rolling even in my absence and also will share tips to improve productivity of your twitter reps.

Assign below tasks in the order

1) Build key words searches list to reach out to more tweeps – there are many key words probably you wouldn’t know in the beginning that helps you market your product/service so building your key words list is ongoing process. I found we were missing to use “tours” for a long time although my target customer were all segments of travel.

2) Schedule tweets at different time zone using Hootsuite or tweet deck – you can ask the team to scheduling the right tweets at right time zone to reach all destinations.

3) Search at regular intervals for anybody looking for the product your selling – we have started using along with twitter search to find any customer have tweeted saying they are looking out for our products.

4) Write to all probable prospective clients found on twitter personally(go to contact us page of website and inform them that you stumbled on twitter and thought you can help them). * write to me I’ll share the draft for which I’ve been getting great response since it is customized and does not look like a spam**

I presume by now you know that by saving your searches and tweeting with right key word combination regularly on Twitter you will spread out yourselves prominently in your domain. Every time you are back online, all you have to do is check out the searches saved.  Most importantly tweet with hash tags the key word  frequently and at different time zones (Ex – #ITSM, #online #bizchat #constantcontact, #travel tours etc)so you prevail and show up for those search results.

You never know who is looking out for your product and service. So by having all good search hash tags saved and regularly tweeting around those key words, you will probably get you that phone call / inquiry you are waiting for…..

A list of searches that I tried resulted with many competitors and prospective clients on digg, wordpress, twitter.

I strongly recommend to use advance search option on twitter where you can choose multiple option for searches. In order to find similar kind of people and create niche of your interest the advance search is a must.

Lately there has been many daily news letters, just search for “Travel daily news is out” on twitter! You’ll see and so many websites with same format. I once got a tweet stating today’s daily news is out and I appear in headlines! That’s how I came to know about news letter strategy.

twitter train agents

Let me know what else would you train your twitter agents with..

Shashank Hosahally

Follow me on twitter -@shashankhosa

PS Read my Lists on twitter post for more info on effectively using searches and lists on twitter).

LinkedIn Strategy

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Like most marketers even I began sceptical where it would take me marketing on social media. We felt tough in the beginning as there weren’t many marketing IT or BPO services on social media.

I pushed myself to take a chance and started with only LinkedIn. I felt it was the right platform and started getting good vibes right from the beginning. I partnered with an assistant and put down draft on what is unique about us and why we should be given an opportunity among several IT service companies.

We first began to join relevant groups and participated in discussions on #in. I followed interesting people in the group to build relations. Many group members followed us back on Linkedin and Twitter. We created separate ‘Lists’ on twitter for all my Linkedin connections. Many subscribed to our lists which was an indication they started recognizing us. This spark made us send out invitations to many more and hence researched and found a way to connect. Its a open secret you can send invitation to group members unless they change the group settings to connect with you on LinkedIn. My colleague send out request first to each and every travel group. After they accept invitation we send out individually “IT & BPO services to offer draft” that was finalized. We cannot send message unless they are in your connection. Believe me most of these requests got response and I reached over 800 connections within a month time. Unlike twitter you would not have many drop outs /unfollow you so it is worth spending time on this method. Now I get periodic B2B queries, clients looking for IT service companies.

We had only joined travel groups and IT related groups which is our scope area this helps us create a niche in the online travel space. You can also use this strategy but ensure you chose relevant groups and pick business and IT heads to join you. You not only build community you also get popular soon. We now are expanding ourselves using twitter and Facebook. Also continue to actively participate on LinkedIn we now have our own group.

I hope this info helps another business development manager or social media manager.
If you need strategies on FB and twitter drop me a mail.