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Time is money so is content.

Enough has been said already this year in the social media and digital marketing trends for 2014 on the importance of creating quality content. However there is no evaluation method to monitor whether each company is generating the necessary content with every opportunity that they have in hand. But they do understand the importance of timely action ( like writing press releases, infographic, white papers, blog posts etc)

A proper evaluation method (Content marketing organization chart) is required to ensure that you do not miss out any opportunity that are available to engage your customers. I have not found anything worthwhile on the web yet that gives a road map for content creation for a product or a service oriented company? A lot of times due to lack of timely action, you completely miss out the opportunity to engage your customers.

Most importantly, are you building content archives and open forums for digital marketers and bloggers feedback and reviews? Here’s top reasons to send press release which is an indicator if you are missing out generating content at the right time.

I found an interesting article that talks about If something is interesting, it’s newsworthy. Pitch it. Refer this link so I don’t need to go in detail with it.There is a huge crisis for quality content writers and I have noticed some forums encouraging content writing but a lot needs to be done.

Content Creation / Curation —-> Distribution /Social Media——-> Build Engagement platforms/Archives ——> Reviews/Feedback process

What can Infosys learn from Wipro, and what can Wipro learn from IBM and IBM from Accenture. I have been watching them closely on social media channels and here’s some useful links and you can judge for yourself why I make the above statement. ***Creating engaging social platforms has been a key indicator as to where and how they are heading in the market.

Wirpo Bigdata platform link –

Accenture Interactive forum –

IBM’s cloud page –

Infosys Cloud page –

Content curation will continue to be the main focus this year.Image

Happy reading…

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